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Missouri dump truck accident causes personal injury

When driving, it is easy to become distracted by the radio, a smartphone or passengers in the vehicles. Unfortunately, even the slightest moment of inattention can result in an accident with serious consequences. For example, Missouri police are blaming a recent accident that resulted in the personal injury of two motorists on the inattentiveness of a dump truck driver.

The incident happened during congestion on a Missouri interstate brought on by rush-hour traffic. Police claim that just before 7 a.m., a dump truck driver failed to stop for traffic. Police say that the truck slammed into the back of two vehicles as a result. One of the vehicles, driven by a 59-year-old woman overturned as a result of the collision; that driver suffered serious injuries.

Good news, bad news for Missouri drivers

The good news for Hillsboro residents is that with a few taps on your phone, you can get a free ride and avoid a possible DWI arrest. The bad news is that the offer from Lyft will expire soon.

The ride-sharing company is teaming up with Budweiser to offer 150,000 round-trip weekend and holiday rides in 10 states. More good news: Missouri is one of the lucky states to be a part of the companies' "Give a Damn, Don't Drive Drunk" free-ride campaign to help drivers avoid accidents and drunken driving arrests.

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