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November 2017 Archives

Personal injury: 4 injured, 1 killed in Missouri crash

Most parents in Missouri go to great lengths to protect their children, including ensuring that their children are properly restrained in their vehicles and that anyone driving them obeys all traffic laws, for examples. Unfortunately, even the safest of parents are sometimes unable to avoid the negligent acts of other drivers. Police in Missouri claim that a father recently lost his life in a car accident, and four of his passengers, two of whom were his sons, suffered a personal injury.

Deceased officer's family may get workers' compensation

Police officers put their lives at risk every time they report to work. Even what is originally believed to be a simple traffic stop can quickly turn into a life-threatening event for officers in Missouri and other areas of the country. Unfortunately, police in another state are currently working to fully understand the recent events that led to the death of an officer and may leave his family in need of workers' compensation insurance benefits.

2 suffer personal injury in Missouri car accident

Most people are aware that a car accident can happen at any moment. Because a single moment of inattention or failure to obey a traffic law can have serious consequences, it is necessary that drivers in Missouri remain vigilant at all times. Unfortunately, two teenagers recently suffered a personal injury in a rollover crash.

Criminal defense: Inaccurate tests lead to criminal charges

The desire to remove illegal drugs from the streets is understandable, and the intent may even be admirable. However, police officers in Missouri and other areas of the country could potentially be putting innocent people behind bars in the zealousness. A wrongful arrest in another state, in which doughnut glaze tested as methamphetamine when police used an inexpensive field test, could potentially help those facing similar charges in other areas of the country with their criminal defense as the case has people questioning the accuracy of the tests officers use in the field.

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