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January 2018 Archives

Personal injury: 1 killed, 1 injured in Missouri crash

Officials in Missouri and other states work hard to put safety structures in place to protect those who travel on interstates. Unfortunately, the decision to drive while sleep deprived can ultimately result in an accident with serious consequences, despite these measures. In fact, one person was recently killed while seven others suffered a personal injury in a crash.

Medical malpractice: Girl dies due to missed strep infection

It seems that the flu is being covered by reporters on an almost daily basis. Because of the number of people recently diagnosed with the flu, doctors in Missouri and other areas of the country may be quick to make assumptions about an illness, potentially ignoring other options that may present with similar symptoms. Unfortunately, a young girl has recently died, potentially due to medical malpractice, after reports indicate that doctors failed to detect her strep infection in time.

Personal injury: College student killed by drunk driver

Many people in Missouri have dreams for their future. Unfortunately, even those who have the motivation to fulfill their dreams often find their goals snatched away from them due to the negligent acts of others. For example, a young woman recently suffered a fatal personal injury while spending time with friends.

Birth complications are rising. Better care could prevent them

New parents arriving at the hospital to deliver a baby expect quality care and for a reasonably uncomplicated experience. While this is the case for many patients, there are a growing number of mothers who are experiencing life-threatening complications during and after labor.

Criminal defense: Missouri man claims demons told him to attack

When a crime occurs in Missouri, it is understandable that police want answers as quickly as possible. Sometimes, this means that they are more interested in making an arrest than ensuring that a suspect is treated lawfully. For example, a man -- whose alleged statements to police may indicate that a claim of mental illness may considered as part of his criminal defense -- was recently arrested and charged with assault, among other crimes.

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