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February 2018 Archives

Personal injury: Man charged following Missouri crash

People are often prepared to respond to a variety of different scenarios when driving. Unfortunately, there are some incidents that are difficult to predict that have dangerous consequences. For example, a woman in Missouri recently suffered a fatal personal injury in a crash.

Estates: Ensuring validity of will important

Although there may be state-specific laws that govern estate planning in Missouri, there are fundamental requirements for wills to be valid and legally binding. Estate planning allows individuals to state their personal preferences for the handling of their estates after death. However, if specific requirements are not met, a will may be declared invalid.

Workers' compensation: Man run over by dump truck, dies

For some workers in Missouri, there are likely tasks that they perform every day. These tasks may become mundane and easy for them. However, in all work-related tasks, there is a level of risk. For a man in another state, something as simple as exiting a dump truck may have caused his death, potentially leaving his family in need of workers' compensation insurance benefits.

What not to do in divorce court

Divorce can be a confusing, turbulent experience for all involved. When your attempts to settle out of trial fail, you may be forced to dispute in civil court. Like many Missouri residents, this may be the first and only time you encounter a court of law.

Criminal defense: Missouri man accused of murdering relative

When it comes to a crime, it often takes weeks, months or even years for investigators to fully understand all the events. However, in some cases, police officers make an arrest only hours after the incident occurs, even if they have not been able to fully gather all the necessary information related to the alleged crime. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri is likely considering his criminal defense after he was arrested soon after the death of his relative.

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