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What not to do in divorce court

Divorce can be a confusing, turbulent experience for all involved. When your attempts to settle out of trial fail, you may be forced to dispute in civil court. Like many Missouri residents, this may be the first and only time you encounter a court of law.

Because the outcome of your divorce case can greatly affect your financial standing and other personal matters, avoiding some of the most common errors can help you achieve success.

Mistake #1: Fudging the facts

While fighting for your rightful share of assets or child custody, you want to paint yourself in the best light. Sometimes, this might tempt you to conceal embarrassing details or embellish your point of view more than you should. However, this can have several negative consequences and the risk often outweighs the reward.

Exaggerations can lead to accusations of hiding assets, slander or even perjury, which is a criminal offense. During your divorce, follow the well-known philosophy that honesty is the best policy.

Mistake #2: Entering the courtroom ill-prepared

In order to obtain a favorable outcome, you will have to provide various forms of proof. For example, if your spouse claims that the antique piano is worth too much or too little money, you can show the judge a professional appraisal to make sure you receive a fair arrangement.

Early in your divorce, gather as much financial documentation as possible. This may include your bank account statements, insurance summaries, retirement plan, car titles and credit card statements. With a strong picture of your marital assets, you will be better prepared to stake your claim in court.

Mistake #3: Letting emotions take over

You can save yourself a lot of stress, time and money if you keep your anger in check. Often, couples turn vengeful and unnecessarily complicate their case out of spite. These emotions can even motivate couples to threaten each other and commit misconduct, which will certainly impact the case. Lashing out could cost you custody, among other penalties.

There are many possible missteps and oversights you could make in the heat of the moment, which is why strong legal guidance is so essential. Finding success in your divorce case will take careful, strategic planning and reliable advice.

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