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March 2018 Archives

Missouri woman suffers personal injury in single-vehicle crash

When driving with a passenger in the vehicle, it is easy to become distracted. An intense conversation, for example, could be all it takes to cause a serious accident. Unfortunately, a women in Missouri has reportedly suffered a serious personal injury after she was involved in a single-vehicle crash.

Criminal defense: Murder charge follows officer shooting

When an officer is killed in the line of duty, there is an understandable demand for justice. Unfortunately, overzealousness on the part of law enforcement authorities could potentially result in misplaced blame. In fact, a woman in Missouri is now likely considering her criminal defense after she was charged with murder in the shooting death of an officer.

Workers' compensation: 2 injured, 1 missing in explosion

Because most employees in the United States know that there are potential dangers in the workplace, they often strive to avoid them. They follow all safety precautions, including wearing the necessary protective gear. Unfortunately, there is often little workers in Missouri and other areas of the country can do to protect themselves from explosions that occur unexpectedly. As a result, injured workers are often entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits.

Personal injury: 2 hospitalized following Missouri crash

Most drivers in Missouri can identify a variety of different driving hazards. While most people are aware of the potential harm that texting while driving or driving under the influence can cause, many may be less sure about the dangers of driving while drowsy. Unfortunately, a recent crash, reportedly caused by a drowsy driver,  has resulted in a personal injury.

Criminal defense: Plea deal accepted Missouri DUI case

When a person is accused of a crime, there are multiple decisions that he or she is forced to make. Often, defendants who do not have legal training feel unprepared to create an appropriate criminal defense, requiring them to seek guidance. A man in Missouri has opted to accept a plea deal in his case, resulting in reduced charges.

Bribery: a serious charge

Bribery is no laughing matter. It’s a serious offense and a felony that can include a prison sentence and stiff fines. Such appears to be the fate of former St. Louis police officer Terri Owens who pleaded guilty in federal court late last year to bribery for taking thousands of dollars from a Missouri chiropractor and his wife in exchange for hundreds of accident reports.

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