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April 2018 Archives

Not complying with noncompete agreement leads to business dispute

After creating a business and working hard to gain success, many Missouri company owners want to do their best to ensure that their businesses do not face unnecessary setbacks. In some cases, employers may require certain contracts, such as non-compete agreements, in order to ensure that employees do not have the opportunity to help competitors get ahead. Of course, these agreements are not always foolproof as employees may violate the terms, causing a business dispute.

Missouri motorcycle passenger suffers personal injury in crash

There are many basic traffic laws that many people in Missouri may take for granted. While some people may see little harm in running a red light, for example, doing so could ultimately result in an accident, including one that causes a serious personal injury. Unfortunately, two people were recently sent to the hospital as a result of a motorcyclist who reportedly failed to stop at a traffic light.

Using revocable living trusts to manage estates

Most people in Missouri are aware of the importance of estate planning. To many, however, this simply means the creation of a last will and testament. Despite this thought, there are several different tools that can aid in the management of estates, including the creation of a revocable living trust.

Criminal defense: Missouri teen charged with assault

When people wake from a deep sleep, they are often disoriented. The adrenaline that comes from the fear of thinking they might be in danger can distort events even more. However, police say that have arrested a Missouri teenager, claiming that he assaulted an elderly woman, based on the description of clothing provided by the alleged victim. He is now likely considering his criminal defense following his arrest.

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