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June 2018 Archives

Why Missouri has high rates of distracted drivers

Distracted driving has been a major cause of car accidents and fatalities in the last decade. While it can be due to many distractions such as eating or applying make-up, this is primarily due to the increase in cell phone usage. Despite numerous warnings and laws in place, more drivers continue to text while behind the wheel and risk more personal injury cases.

Buzz Aldrin, children spar over guardianship matter

Parents in Missouri often dedicate a great deal of their lives to raising their children and ensuring that all their needs are met. As parents age and become unable to care for themselves, the roles are often reversed, with some children even seeking guardianship over their parents should the latter become unable to make decisions. For example, two of Buzz Aldrin's children are now fighting for the right to make decisions for their father -- a move that Aldrin opposes.

Industrial accident proves fatal; man struck by pipe end cap

As people in Missouri and across the county go about their work day, there are likely hundreds of both major and minor tasks that they perform. Unfortunately, events that may be difficult to anticipate may hold dangers. In fact, a worker in another state was recently killed in an industrial accident that remains under investigation.

Why you should put aside emotions in family law matters

Deciding to end a marriage can be a difficult but freeing conclusion to reach. However, it may be the easiest part of a divorce. Missouri residents who are ready to pursue a divorce should be aware of several factors that can influence the outcome of this family law process -- including how your finances might play out in the future.

Driver charged with murder following Missouri crash

Drivers in Missouri likely see police officers on the roadways relatively frequently while they are driving. Most people have likely had a moment of panic even though they know they have not broken any laws. This panic can often cause a reaction that is unexpected and could even be considered illegal. Unfortunately, a young woman in Missouri has now found herself facing multiple murder charges after police say she refused to stop when they attempted to pull her over.

Types of business insurance

Small businesses can be an important part of many areas, strengthening local economies and building communities. Being a small business owner can have many benefits to you and your region.

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