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Why Missouri has high rates of distracted drivers

Distracted driving has been a major cause of car accidents and fatalities in the last decade. While it can be due to many distractions such as eating or applying make-up, this is primarily due to the increase in cell phone usage. Despite numerous warnings and laws in place, more drivers continue to text while behind the wheel and risk more personal injury cases.

Recent studies placed Missouri in the top ten most distracted states in both 2017 and 2018. Reasons for this are due to issues that have been plaguing the state for a long time.

Rural areas are popular crash sites.

Thirty percent of Missouri consists of rural areas, and this is where over half of traffic fatalities can occur. There are smaller lanes, higher speed limits, fewer traffic lights and not nearly as many cops as you would find in a city. With fewer safety warnings, distracted drivers will be more confident that they can get away with texting and driving. It is easy to veer off the side of the road or into the other lane.

In comparison, more urban states have a higher concentration of law enforcement and safety precautions while a primarily rural state will have less people. Missouri has a balance between large cities and farmlands, meaning that there are more chances of urban drivers losing attention as they drive in rural areas.

Missouri teenagers are on their phones.

The Missouri Department of Insurance notes that drivers younger than 25 make up over a third of traffic fatalities. This is despite Missouri having a texting while driving ban for drivers that are 21 or younger.

The number of young drivers at risk continues to increase as more become addicted to their cell phones than older generations. As the number of apps and functions phones can perform increase, the more time teenagers will spend on them.

Will a texting and driving ban work?

Currently, Missouri is one of only three states that allow those 21 and over to text while driving. Many of the state’s citizens cite this as one of the main reasons why there have been so many distracted driving accidents recently.

The study that places Missouri in the top ten worst distracted driver states sees two different sides to the problem. On one hand, texting and driving bans did not decrease the distracted driving rates in most of the states. On the other, some of the states that improved their rankings between 2017 and 2018 placed stricter enforcement on cell phone use in that time frame.

While there is not a clear answer to if a full texting and driving ban will minimize the amount of distracted drivers in Missouri, there is always more than one side to the story. It is important to be aware of what areas are more dangerous and to teach teen drivers the dangers of not keeping their eyes on the road.

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