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July 2018 Archives

Teenager is awarded one of largest medical malpractice awards

Many people in Missouri, throughout the course of their lives, find themselves needing surgery. Often this surgery is of a relatively routine nature. Though common procedures, most people are aware that they are not without risk; however, patients should be able to reasonably expect that appropriate action will be taken in a timely manner to ensure that -- at the very least -- they are in no worse condition than before the procedure was performed. Unfortunately, medical malpractice can ultimately have a significant impact on the rest of a person's life.

Educator alleges wrongful termination due to complaints

The vast majority of people in Missouri and across the country who go into the field of education do so because they are dedicated to helping students. Unfortunately, some educators are often put into the uncomfortable position of speaking up against certain practices of the school system, even though it means confronting their employer. In fact, a woman in another states claims she was the victim of wrongful termination after she advocated for special education students.

Woman killed in Missouri car accident

There are many steps that drivers can take to ensure their personal safety and prevent an accident as a result of their actions. Unfortunately, despite their desire to drive safely, drivers in Missouri and across the country cannot control the actions of others and, in certain circumstances, may be unable to respond in time. In fact, a woman recently lost her life in a car accident that she may have been powerless to prevent.

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