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Bribery: a serious charge

Bribery is no laughing matter. It’s a serious offense and a felony that can include a prison sentence and stiff fines. Such appears to be the fate of former St. Louis police officer Terri Owens who pleaded guilty in federal court late last year to bribery for taking thousands of dollars from a Missouri chiropractor and his wife in exchange for hundreds of accident reports.

What not to do in divorce court

Divorce can be a confusing, turbulent experience for all involved. When your attempts to settle out of trial fail, you may be forced to dispute in civil court. Like many Missouri residents, this may be the first and only time you encounter a court of law.

Birth complications are rising. Better care could prevent them

New parents arriving at the hospital to deliver a baby expect quality care and for a reasonably uncomplicated experience. While this is the case for many patients, there are a growing number of mothers who are experiencing life-threatening complications during and after labor.

Personal injury: Teen crushed by car after exiting vehicle

If you are involved in a car accident along a busy highway, it is important to stay in your car until law enforcement can arrive. Exiting the vehicle increases your risk of being hit by another car at rapid speed. Car accidents can happen in seconds and often times drivers have no time to react. Unfortunately, there are often fatalities, as was the case with a recent collision on a Missouri interstate.

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