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Missouri motorcycle accident sends man to hospital

When driving on Missouri roadways, drivers are likely to encounter multiple different people utilizing the roadways in various different -- and legal -- ways. This could include bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists. Because of this, driver's of more traditional vehicles must be constantly vigilant to help prevent accidents. Unfortunately, a recent motorcycle accident sent a man to the hospital.

Missouri wrongful death: Woman killed by falling concrete

In a daily commute, drivers could ultimately cross multiple bridges. Many do so without thought of their safety, assuming -- rightly so -- that officials have taken appropriate measures to keep them safe. Unfortunately, a recent incident in Missouri -- that may lead to a wrongful death lawsuit -- could leave many people questioning the safety of certain structures.

Teenager is awarded one of largest medical malpractice awards

Many people in Missouri, throughout the course of their lives, find themselves needing surgery. Often this surgery is of a relatively routine nature. Though common procedures, most people are aware that they are not without risk; however, patients should be able to reasonably expect that appropriate action will be taken in a timely manner to ensure that -- at the very least -- they are in no worse condition than before the procedure was performed. Unfortunately, medical malpractice can ultimately have a significant impact on the rest of a person's life.

Woman killed in Missouri car accident

There are many steps that drivers can take to ensure their personal safety and prevent an accident as a result of their actions. Unfortunately, despite their desire to drive safely, drivers in Missouri and across the country cannot control the actions of others and, in certain circumstances, may be unable to respond in time. In fact, a woman recently lost her life in a car accident that she may have been powerless to prevent.

Police investigate Missouri crash that caused personal injury

When someone has years of driving experience, they can make it look easy. However, operating a motor vehicle often takes a great deal of practice. What might seem like a minor challenge for an experienced driver could be a dangerous driver for an inexperienced one. In fact, police in Missouri are investigating a recent car crash that resulted in personal injury to four teenagers.

Missouri motorcycle passenger suffers personal injury in crash

There are many basic traffic laws that many people in Missouri may take for granted. While some people may see little harm in running a red light, for example, doing so could ultimately result in an accident, including one that causes a serious personal injury. Unfortunately, two people were recently sent to the hospital as a result of a motorcyclist who reportedly failed to stop at a traffic light.

Missouri woman suffers personal injury in single-vehicle crash

When driving with a passenger in the vehicle, it is easy to become distracted. An intense conversation, for example, could be all it takes to cause a serious accident. Unfortunately, a women in Missouri has reportedly suffered a serious personal injury after she was involved in a single-vehicle crash.

Personal injury: 2 hospitalized following Missouri crash

Most drivers in Missouri can identify a variety of different driving hazards. While most people are aware of the potential harm that texting while driving or driving under the influence can cause, many may be less sure about the dangers of driving while drowsy. Unfortunately, a recent crash, reportedly caused by a drowsy driver,  has resulted in a personal injury.

Personal injury: Man charged following Missouri crash

People are often prepared to respond to a variety of different scenarios when driving. Unfortunately, there are some incidents that are difficult to predict that have dangerous consequences. For example, a woman in Missouri recently suffered a fatal personal injury in a crash.

Personal injury: 1 killed, 1 injured in Missouri crash

Officials in Missouri and other states work hard to put safety structures in place to protect those who travel on interstates. Unfortunately, the decision to drive while sleep deprived can ultimately result in an accident with serious consequences, despite these measures. In fact, one person was recently killed while seven others suffered a personal injury in a crash.

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