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Industrial accident proves fatal; man struck by pipe end cap

As people in Missouri and across the county go about their work day, there are likely hundreds of both major and minor tasks that they perform. Unfortunately, events that may be difficult to anticipate may hold dangers. In fact, a worker in another state was recently killed in an industrial accident that remains under investigation.

Man may deserve workers' compensation after work accident

There are many dangerous jobs in Missouri and across the country. While employers and workers work hard to avoid such accidents, they are often unable to completely do so. In fact, a man in an another state may deserve workers' compensation benefits after he recently suffered injuries in a welding accident.

Tree trimmer suffers fatal work-related injuries in apparent fall

When most people in Missouri think of dangerous occupations, police officers and firefighters who are required to run toward danger are often the first thing that comes to mind. However, many occupations hold risks of work-related injuries that are surprisingly high. For example, a tree trimmer in another state has recently lost his life in a work accident.

Family of deceased man may deserve workers' compensation

Most workers in Missouri are aware of the potential for harm they face while completing their workplace responsibilities. Despite this knowledge, victims of workplace accidents likely have concerns about their financial security if they are involved in such an accident. Additionally, their family members can also suffer the consequences, especially in the event of a fatality. As a result, employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage.

Workers' compensation: Utility worker killed in boom collapse

When people in Missouri report to work, they often face potential hazards in the workplace. While some of these hazards are well-known, making them easier to avoid, others can be difficult to anticipate. Unfortunately, a man in another state recently lost his life in an industrial accident. His surviving family members may be entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits as a result.

Workers' compensation: 2 injured, 1 missing in explosion

Because most employees in the United States know that there are potential dangers in the workplace, they often strive to avoid them. They follow all safety precautions, including wearing the necessary protective gear. Unfortunately, there is often little workers in Missouri and other areas of the country can do to protect themselves from explosions that occur unexpectedly. As a result, injured workers are often entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits.

Workers' compensation: Man run over by dump truck, dies

For some workers in Missouri, there are likely tasks that they perform every day. These tasks may become mundane and easy for them. However, in all work-related tasks, there is a level of risk. For a man in another state, something as simple as exiting a dump truck may have caused his death, potentially leaving his family in need of workers' compensation insurance benefits.

Workers' compensation: Worker killed at lumber company

All workplaces in Missouri and across the country hold some degree of risk of injury. Even workers who spend great deal of time at a desk can suffer repetitive motion injuries while those who work with heavy machinery could face more traumatic injuries. Because of this potential, employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage. Unfortunately, several agencies in another state are currently investigating a recent fatal accident.

Deceased officer's family may get workers' compensation

Police officers put their lives at risk every time they report to work. Even what is originally believed to be a simple traffic stop can quickly turn into a life-threatening event for officers in Missouri and other areas of the country. Unfortunately, police in another state are currently working to fully understand the recent events that led to the death of an officer and may leave his family in need of workers' compensation insurance benefits.

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