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Personal injury: Man charged following Missouri crash

People are often prepared to respond to a variety of different scenarios when driving. Unfortunately, there are some incidents that are difficult to predict that have dangerous consequences. For example, a woman in Missouri recently suffered a fatal personal injury in a crash.

The incident reportedly happened on a day in early February. According to reports, a car driven by a 28-year-old woman was involved in an incident at a truck stop described as a "disturbance" in police reports. As a result, the woman apparently lost control of her vehicle.

Estates: Ensuring validity of will important

Although there may be state-specific laws that govern estate planning in Missouri, there are fundamental requirements for wills to be valid and legally binding. Estate planning allows individuals to state their personal preferences for the handling of their estates after death. However, if specific requirements are not met, a will may be declared invalid.

The person drafting a will must either be a minor who is emancipated or over the age of 18. If he or she is emancipated, the person must be married, in the military or legally separated from parental control. Furthermore, the individual must have the testamentary capacity -- meaning that he or she must be of sound mind and understands the specifications of the will. Even if a person had prior mental issues, if he or she was of sound mind at the time of signing a will, it might be considered as sufficient testamentary capacity.

Workers' compensation: Man run over by dump truck, dies

For some workers in Missouri, there are likely tasks that they perform every day. These tasks may become mundane and easy for them. However, in all work-related tasks, there is a level of risk. For a man in another state, something as simple as exiting a dump truck may have caused his death, potentially leaving his family in need of workers' compensation insurance benefits.

The incident that led to the fatality happened at approximately 11:30 a.m. on a day in early February. According to reports, he was operating a truck in a lot adjacent to his employer, Pave-Well Paving Co. Both he and a co-worker were using dump trucks to dump a load of materials in the lot.

What not to do in divorce court

Divorce can be a confusing, turbulent experience for all involved. When your attempts to settle out of trial fail, you may be forced to dispute in civil court. Like many Missouri residents, this may be the first and only time you encounter a court of law.

Because the outcome of your divorce case can greatly affect your financial standing and other personal matters, avoiding some of the most common errors can help you achieve success.

Criminal defense: Missouri man accused of murdering relative

When it comes to a crime, it often takes weeks, months or even years for investigators to fully understand all the events. However, in some cases, police officers make an arrest only hours after the incident occurs, even if they have not been able to fully gather all the necessary information related to the alleged crime. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri is likely considering his criminal defense after he was arrested soon after the death of his relative.

The incident that led to the man's arrest happened one evening on a day in January. According to reports, police were called to the scene of an alleged assault just before 6:30 p.m. When they arrived, they discovered a deceased 27-year-old man. He is said to have suffered multiple stab wounds.

Personal injury: 1 killed, 1 injured in Missouri crash

Officials in Missouri and other states work hard to put safety structures in place to protect those who travel on interstates. Unfortunately, the decision to drive while sleep deprived can ultimately result in an accident with serious consequences, despite these measures. In fact, one person was recently killed while seven others suffered a personal injury in a crash.

The incident happened one morning on a day in mid-January. According to reports, a 23-year-old man was headed west on a Missouri interstate when he reportedly lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle then went under a cable barrier into oncoming traffic, striking an eastbound vehicle driven by a 41-year-old woman head-on.

Updating your employee handbook’s sexual harassment policy

A new year means it is a good time to update your employee handbook. And, with the recent news coverage on workplace harassment, a good place to begin is by reviewing your own company’s policy on the issue.

Keep in mind that it is a good idea to review these policies on a regular basis to ensure they are up-to-date. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will be releasing updated guidelines for employers on preventing workplace harassment this year. By reviewing and adhering to those guidelines, you can ensure that your policy is comprehensive and up-to-date.

Medical malpractice: Girl dies due to missed strep infection

It seems that the flu is being covered by reporters on an almost daily basis. Because of the number of people recently diagnosed with the flu, doctors in Missouri and other areas of the country may be quick to make assumptions about an illness, potentially ignoring other options that may present with similar symptoms. Unfortunately, a young girl has recently died, potentially due to medical malpractice, after reports indicate that doctors failed to detect her strep infection in time.

The family of the now-deceased 12-year-old girl reportedly took her to an urgent care facility soon after she was sent home from school due to an illness. They claim that she was diagnosed with the flu. She was reportedly sent home with nausea medicine, ibuprofen, cough medicine and instructions to rest.

Personal injury: College student killed by drunk driver

Many people in Missouri have dreams for their future. Unfortunately, even those who have the motivation to fulfill their dreams often find their goals snatched away from them due to the negligent acts of others. For example, a young woman recently suffered a fatal personal injury while spending time with friends.

The victim in the case was a college student who was at a bar near the campus with her friends. Reports indicate that the young woman had her hand on the door, ready to exit the building, at approximately 12:40 a.m. on a day in early January. Unfortunately, police say that the building was struck by a pickup truck driven by a 21-year-old man.

Birth complications are rising. Better care could prevent them

New parents arriving at the hospital to deliver a baby expect quality care and for a reasonably uncomplicated experience. While this is the case for many patients, there are a growing number of mothers who are experiencing life-threatening complications during and after labor.

According to a report by ProPublica and National Public Radio, more than 135 expectant and new mothers a day – or roughly 50,000 per year – endure dangerous and life-threatening complications. The U.S. has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the industrialized world – 700 to 900 a year.

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