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Representing Innocent Injured Victims

At Roberts Wooten Zimmer, we excel at helping families struggling with the wrongful deaths of loved ones due to fatal accidents. We will make it our job to honor the memory of your loved one by holding accountable those who are legally responsible.

We have been helping clients protect their rights since 1985. Since then, our attorneys have compiled more than 75 years of combined experience protecting the rights of the injured and those who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents.

Why Experience Matters

Wrongful death cases involve sophisticated legal proceedings both in and out of the courtroom. Our firm’s attorneys understand how these proceedings work and, more importantly, how insurance companies, adjusters, judges, opposing counsel and experts work during these proceedings.

Experience, in other words, provides us with the kind of seasoned legal judgment you can rely on. We will act on your behalf to get the right experts for your case, to make the right arguments and to employ the right legal strategies.

In doing so, we can provide you with access to a complete toolbox of legal approaches. Whether we advise you to negotiate, to settle or to take your case to court, you will rest easier knowing that your legal adviser has had years of experience using and applying these approaches on behalf of innumerable clients.

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