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Driver charged with murder following Missouri crash

Drivers in Missouri likely see police officers on the roadways relatively frequently while they are driving. Most people have likely had a moment of panic even though they know they have not broken any laws. This panic can often cause a reaction that is unexpected and could even be considered illegal. Unfortunately, a young woman in Missouri has now found herself facing multiple murder charges after police say she refused to stop when they attempted to pull her over.

Criminal defense: Missouri teen charged with assault

When people wake from a deep sleep, they are often disoriented. The adrenaline that comes from the fear of thinking they might be in danger can distort events even more. However, police say that have arrested a Missouri teenager, claiming that he assaulted an elderly woman, based on the description of clothing provided by the alleged victim. He is now likely considering his criminal defense following his arrest.

Criminal defense: Murder charge follows officer shooting

When an officer is killed in the line of duty, there is an understandable demand for justice. Unfortunately, overzealousness on the part of law enforcement authorities could potentially result in misplaced blame. In fact, a woman in Missouri is now likely considering her criminal defense after she was charged with murder in the shooting death of an officer.

Criminal defense: Plea deal accepted Missouri DUI case

When a person is accused of a crime, there are multiple decisions that he or she is forced to make. Often, defendants who do not have legal training feel unprepared to create an appropriate criminal defense, requiring them to seek guidance. A man in Missouri has opted to accept a plea deal in his case, resulting in reduced charges.

Criminal defense: Missouri man accused of murdering relative

When it comes to a crime, it often takes weeks, months or even years for investigators to fully understand all the events. However, in some cases, police officers make an arrest only hours after the incident occurs, even if they have not been able to fully gather all the necessary information related to the alleged crime. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri is likely considering his criminal defense after he was arrested soon after the death of his relative.

Criminal defense: Missouri man claims demons told him to attack

When a crime occurs in Missouri, it is understandable that police want answers as quickly as possible. Sometimes, this means that they are more interested in making an arrest than ensuring that a suspect is treated lawfully. For example, a man -- whose alleged statements to police may indicate that a claim of mental illness may considered as part of his criminal defense -- was recently arrested and charged with assault, among other crimes.

Criminal defense: Fraternity house incident leads to arrest

Emotions can often run high on or near a college campus. However, violence as a result is relatively rare. Unfortunately, police have recently arrested a college student following an alleged assault near the University of Missouri, likely leaving the young man considering his criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Missouri home invasion leads to murder charge

Parents in Missouri will often go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their children. Those who have experienced a home invasion may live in fear for their lives as wells as the lives of their children. Unfortunately, a woman in Missouri is likely considering her criminal defense after she was charged with murder after reporting an alleged home invasion.

Criminal defense: Inaccurate tests lead to criminal charges

The desire to remove illegal drugs from the streets is understandable, and the intent may even be admirable. However, police officers in Missouri and other areas of the country could potentially be putting innocent people behind bars in the zealousness. A wrongful arrest in another state, in which doughnut glaze tested as methamphetamine when police used an inexpensive field test, could potentially help those facing similar charges in other areas of the country with their criminal defense as the case has people questioning the accuracy of the tests officers use in the field.

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